P.A.C.E. | Program for Adult College Education

A full-time college transfer program for the working adult

Begin and finish your Associate's Degree in a program that f

It's about time

Finally--a quality Associate's of Arts Degree (A.A.) program that fits your schedule. With VVC PACE, you can be a full-time student and earn your A.A degree in Liberal Arts, while balancing family, career, and scheduling demands.

Minimize your time on campus

Your PACE classes meet on campus one evening a week and every other Saturday. Typically, PACE classes are “hybrids” (part on-campus and part online). In these PACE classes, students receive the benefit of weekly “in-class” interaction with teachers and fellow students with the convenience of online instruction.

Transfer ready, flexible, and "no fuss" scheduling

The VVC PACE program is designed to help students complete lower-division general education patterns for university transfer. With an A.A. degree through PACE, students will complete their CSU lower-division general education requirements. Although the PACE program includes a pre-planned course schedule, it can be adapted by your VVC counselor to meet many different Bachelor's degree preparations. Already completed some classes? Can’t take a full-time load? Want to take just one or a few of the PACE classes? Discuss your options in the PACE program with your counselor or the PACE Coordinator, Patty Golder.

We believe in teamwork

PACE encourages the development of student-sponsored groups outside of the classroom for study help, collaboration, and mutual support. Also, certain classes are scheduled together to help link and reinforce learning in an interdisciplinary approach. For example, many PACE faculty will plan some assignments and course content between their classes so that you can study common concepts and topics from the perspectives of different fields of study.

Ready to learn more about PACE?

To discover how PACE can help you achieve your educational goals, please contact Patty Golder, the PACE Coordinator, and call for information on one of our PACE Information Sessions to begin the process of enrolling in the program.

For More Information Contact:

Patty Golder
PACE Coordinator
(760) 245-4271 ext. 2540
Send an Email to Patty

*To complete the PACE program, your assessment scores must indicate placement into English 101 and Math 105 or you must have completed the pre-requisites for these classes. Please consult your VVC counselor regarding the steps you can take to prepare for these classes. Some PACE classes require a minimum age level of 16 or HS Junior status.