The legal industry projects the region will need over 50,000 new paralegals in the next several years. Will you be one of them? The industry is evolving and will you be on the cutting edge? Classes are now open to prepare you for an exciting career and personal knowledge of the law. Register today for your entry into an exciting field of study and work.  

The legal profession has evolved to include more paraprofessional assistance in the delivery of legal services to the consumer. Current economic trends and technologies find paralegals filling a space in the consumer market that was once filled only by attorneys. Law firms and corporate legal departments rely on paralegals as cost saving measures forwarded to the client. The Paralegal occupation is expected to grow at a faster than average rate through 2018 according to the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The paralegal program at Victor Valley College prepares students to work in the legal industry by introducing students to legal theory which leads to employment in administrative agencies, governmental agencies, corporations, insurance companies, human resources departments, private and public law offices and other legal environments. Paralegals duties include performing factual and legal research and investigation, drafting legal documents and correspondence, interviewing clients and witnesses, trial preparation and organizing and maintaining court files. Training students in the practical application and the development of current paralegal related job skills is emphasized. Paralegals students will learn to adopt and use computer technology skills in the law setting, using electronic databases and research tools.

There are two types of legal industry paraprofessionals. California Business and Professions Codes 6400 (c) and California Business and Professions Code 6450 (a) define the duties, responsibilities and obligations that the industry and state regulate.

“ Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law”.

The primary goal of the paralegal program is to educate and prepare students for employment as paralegals where they can demonstrate competency and ethical standards demanded by and of the profession.

Students must, before entering the program, complete English 101/101H or assess at an English 101 level. The sequencing of courses has been designed to enhance student success in the field. PAL 100, 102, and 103 are the foundational classes that are prerequisite to the higher level legal specialty classes. These three classes should optimally be taken concurrently to provide that firm foundation for success. PAL 104 may be taken concurrent with PAL 100, 102 and 103, but may be taken at any time. A firm foundation in writing and grammar skills and completion of POLS 102 are recommended. This is not a four year transfer program, is not a substitute for law school, nor is it intended to be used for advanced standing in law school applications. It is not a pre-law program. It is not intended to serve as a preparation for bar examination.

(AA) Associate of Arts Degree in Paralegal Studies

The Paralegal Studies Associate of Arts degree program prepares students to work in the legal industry and other related fields requiring professional skills learned through the designed required and elective curriculum.

Program Requirements: 43 units

Required Courses(18 units total)


1. PAL 100

Introduction to Paralegal Studies



LAW 100

Introduction to Law and Paralegal Studies


2. PAL 102

Beginning Legal Research for Paralegals


3. PAL 103

Beginning Legal Writing


4. PAL 104

Legal Ethics for Paralegals


5. PAL 200

Law Office Management for Paralegals


6. PAL 201

Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals


7. PAL 203

Tort Law for Paralegals


8. BADM 117

Legal Environment of Business



BADM 118

Business Law


9. PAL 202

Family Law


Choose as least 13 units from the following electives with at least 1 unit of cooperative education

Pal 204

Will and Trusts for Paralegals


PAL 205

Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals


PAL 206

California Employment and Labor Law


PAL 207

Conflict Resolution and Negotiations


PAL 208

Immigration Law for Paralegals


LAW 205

Mock Trial Advocacy


BET 112

SpreadsheetL Excel for WIndows A/B/C


PAL 138

Cooperative Education for Paralegals


CJ 103

Criminal Law


CJ 104

Legal Aspects of Evidence


Select 18 additional units from general education credits in accordance with Victor Valley College Associate Degree Policy