Parking Rules & Regulations

All vehicles parking on the Campus must abide by the parking rules & regulations.  Semester permits are available on-line.  Additional parking is available at the meters. Daily permits can be purchased at the dispensers.  Permits are not valid in metered stalls.  Meters take QUARTERS ONLY. Dispensers will take coins, dollar bills and credit/debit cards.  Permits must be displayed in plain view.  Parking permits are required Monday thru Saturday.

The College provides Officers for patrol of the parking lots. However, persons parking on district property do so at their own risk.  Victor Valley College does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked anywhere on District property.



Any vehicle that has been issued five (5) or more parking citations that are unpaid is subject to tow-away per CVC 22651.



All California vehicle laws are enforced.  Violators are issued citations to the Barstow Traffic Court.


  • Not displaying a valid parking permit.
  • Improper display of permit.
  • Parking beyond stall lines or in more than one stall.
  • Backing into or pulling thru a marked stall.
    • (Head-in Parking Only)
  • Unauthorized parking in Faculty/Staff stalls.
  • Exceeding time at a parking meter.
  • Possession of a lost/stolen parking permit.
  • Unauthorized parking in a Red, Green, or Yellow zone.
  • Unauthorized parking in a Disabled parking stall.
  • Parking in unauthorized dirt areas.
  • No overnight parking



The Campus Police Department receives its authority to enforce traffic and parking regulations from the California Penal Code, the California Vehicle code, and provisions established by the California Legislature.  Ignoring a citation will result in immediate legal action in the form of substantial additional penalties, a hold placed on your vehicle registration with the DMV, and a transcript hold at VVC.



A motorcycle parked at Victor Valley College must display a parking permit which must be affixed to the front fork of the motorcycle or clearly displayed. A motorcycle permit can be purchased on line.



Vehicles parked in the blue-lined disabled parking stalls are required to properly display a state-issued disabled person’s license plate or placard AND a Victor Valley College parking permit.