Phoenix Group Online Parking Permits, Citation Payments and Appeal Program



Phoenix Group’s Online Parking Permit, Citation Payments and Appeal Program is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Pay for parking violations and fines using a major credit card.
  • Appeal a parking violation online
  • Issue Online Semester Parking permits

Parking Permits: Please visit and follow the instructions listed for semester permits:

Citations and Appeals: If you have received a parking violation, you can pay by credit card or file an appeal by following this link:

Payment may be made by credit card online only. American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. 

If you wish to make payment by cash or money order, (no checks accepted) please mail your payment and note the violation number and plate information on the money order.  Mail your payment to Victor Valley College Police Department, c/o Parking Citation Service Center, PO BOX 11923, Santa Ana, California 92711. The payment must be received by within 21 business days of citation issuance.

Fines are payable within twenty-one (21) calendar days of issuance. Failure to pay fines within the allotted time period will result in a late fee of $10.00.  If the fine is still unpaid after 30 days, an additional fee of $10.00 will be added as well as may jeopardize future parking privileges. Vehicles with outstanding parking violations are subject to towing at owner’s expense if parked in a College lot. 

Parking Violation Appeals

An individual who has received notice of a parking violation by ticket or other form may appeal the fine to the Parking Appeal Administrator within twenty one (21) days of issuance of the violation via the Appeals Section of the Phoenix Group Online Parking System After the 21 day appeal period has expired, the ticket will no longer be eligible for appeal.  Additionally, the Phoenix Group Online Parking System provides the police or parking officer(s) the capability of uploading pictures of the parking violation(s) for viewing when paying and appealing the parking citations online.     

The Parking Appeals Administrator will render a decision within fifteen (15) business days after the appeal has been received. The  Phoenix Group Online Parking System will generate a letter notifying the appellant of the Administrator’s decision. It is the responsibility of the person filing the appeal to check for the Administrator’s decision supplied by email.  Anyone who has difficulty filing an appeal through the Online Violation Payments/Appeals may visit the campus Police Department for assistance.

If your online appeal is denied, the final step of the appeal process is that you may request an Administrative Hearing.  You must request this hearing by phone or in person within 15 days from receiving the online appeal decision. This step requires bail be posted through the Campus Police Office prior to the hearing appointment date (CVC 40215b).  You will be contacted, given a date and time of the Administrative Hearing and will be expected to appear in person.  After the hearing, you will be notified of the results.  If the Administrative Hearing Officer finds in your favor, the bail posted will be refunded. If your Administrative Hearing is denied, your bail amount will not be refunded.



You can also download the QR Code for quick access to the online parking permit application. 


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