PUENTE Fall Course Description

Fall Schedule 

                                 GUID 101

                     ENGL 101

          Monday and Wednesday

              Taught by: Mr. Alvarez

                Tuesday & Thursday

               Taught by: Mr. Franklin


  • Guidance 101 - First Year Experience - 3.0 Units
    This comprehensive course integrates personal growth, academic and career success with problem solving, critical and creative thinking. The course focuses on the following topics: life management, goal setting, career decision making, educational planning, college requirements and expectations, instructor-student interaction, cultural diversity, health maintenance, stress management, campus resources, learning styles and strategies including lecture note-taking, test taking and concentration.
    48-54 hours lecture, CSU and UC transferable
  • English 101 - English Composition and Reading - 4.0 Units
    This course is designed to develop skills in analytical reading and expository writing. It will place particular emphasis on the research process, including the principles and methods of research and composing the research paper.
     CSU and UC transferable





       Spring Schedule 

                             GUID 107

                     ENGL 104

      Monday and Wednesday

        Taught by: Mr. Alvarez

              Tuesday & Thursday

             Taught by: Mr. Franklin


  • Guidance 107 - LEARNING STRATEGIES AND STUDY SKILLS- 3.0 Units This survey course assists students in assessing attitude, motivation, learning styles, and personality attributes that are necessary to the successful transition into college. Students will integrate this self-awareness with theories and strategies that focus on the attainment of life long success in academic, professional and personal development. Topics include time management, study skills, test preparation, educational goal setting and planning, maintaining a healthy life style, and critical thinking skills CSU transferable
(Prerequisite: Completion of English 45 with a grade of "C" or better or eligibility determined by VVC assessment)

(Prerequisite: ENGL 101.0 or ENGL 101H with a grade of ‘C’ or better.) This course is designed to develop the student’s critical thinking, reading and writing skills beyond the level achieved in ENGL 101.0 or ENGL 101H. It will focus primarily on the analysis and evaluation of expository and argumentative discourse, and on writing analytical and argumentative essays.
 CSU and UC transferable





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