RAMS Football

Victor Valley College Football Honor Roll


2002  Jamel Richardson  Wide Receiver

Jamel Richardson - image of his football card playing for the Montreal Alouettes - (Canadian Football League)

2003  John McCoy  Linebacker 

John McCoy


2004  Kevin Stanley  Defensive Back

Kevin Stanley

2006  Justin Halas  Linebacker

Justin Halas




2002  Ken Thomas Running Back

2002  Jamel Richardson  Wide Receiver

2003  John McCoy  Linebacker 

2003  Ryan Gilbert  Running Back

2004 Kevin Stanley  Defensive Back

2005  Tommy Lopez Offensive Line

2006  Duane Paul Defensive Back

2006  Charleton Hankston Linebacker

2006  Justin Halas Linebacker

2006  Michael Woods  Quarterback

2006  Jahan Jones  Wide Receiver

2007  Isaac Newton  Running Back

2008  Alex Mitchell Offensive Line

2009  Anthony Daniels Defensive Line

2009  Da Vonte Craig  Defensive Back

2010 Dontra Matthews  Defensive Back

2011  Kenny Mack  Defensive Line

2011  Anthony Stallworth  Defensive back

2011  Matt Hollen Offensive Line

2011  Michael Boydston  Running Back

2012 Abens Ca'juste  Defensive Line

2012  Farrell Victor  Return Specialist

2012  Michael Lugo  Offensive Line

2013  Jimmy Musgrave  Linebacker

2013  Kyle Keplinger Wide Receiver

2013  Charles Mouton  Offensive Line

2013  Tyler Dobbins  Quarterback






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