Ready Rams Club


The Ready Rams Club is committed to improve on our students' leadership skills through community service, educational and cultural activities.

Our club aspires to give our students positive experiences and build on skills necessary for the workforce, and to help qualify for acceptance to the universities.

We look forward to continue the tradition of putting students first and help pave the way by giving our students the opportunity for educational and enrichment activities.

The Ready Rams Club was designed to help and benefit the community and students with volunteer work.

Our goal is to make a difference by developing our own ideas of events, activities and fundraisers.


Manuel Gaytan - photo

Manuel Gaytan : EOPS Counselor

Ready Rams Club, Faculty Advisor

I've been a faculty advisor for the Ready Rams Club for nearly 9 years.  The club was formerly known as the EOPS Club.  It took a very creative officer about six years ago to change many aspects of our club.  The first thing he said is that we should title our club, the Ready Rams Club.  "By changing the name, no one will confuse us with the EOPS Department because as we all know, they are two different entities," explained Tayari Kuanda.  Tayari thought of this name as he began to slowly influence the other officers to focus more on community service. 

Over the years, community service has become the corner stone of our success.  The mission on the club is as follows:

To enhance one's leadership skills through organizing activities pertaining to community service, cultural activities, and educational activities.  

ASB Council members often seeks out our help when planning big events.  They know that we are always eager to get involved and stay involved. 

My vision for the Ready Rams Club is to continue to expand on our community service efforts by signing up more club members.  We need to expand on our membership in order to accomplish big goals.  In the past, we have been so busy with events, that we forget to market the club to potential club members.  I would like to see an officer take this goal as part of their role in the club.  This is a big task, and it will require an officer to work on this full time with the President. 

Finally, I hope that our officers stay involved for next year, and take more of a leadership role and expand on their experience.  I expect a lot, and so far, I have not been disappointed.  We have been the club of the year for three years running! 

In closing, as long as I continue to be the advisor of the Ready Rams Club, I will do my best ensure its successes and to continue to help our community because true leadership inspires others to be the best they can.  This has been the foundation to our success in the Ready Rams Club.  Our club virtue is simple, the more you put into the club, the more you will get out of it.   It starts with you..........won't you join us?


Email:         Facebook:  ReadyRams Vvc

Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2442