The victims of sexual assaults, domestic and dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment are not required to only report these offenses to the Campus Police Department, the victim may report their incident to any CSA who will ensure an internal investigation is initiated by the college.  Additionally, any victim reporting a violation of policy or crime of the aforementioned areas as stated in this policy will be given information about the resources available for them and will receive assistance in notifying law enforcement.  However, the victims have the right to decline to notify any such authorities.  Reporting an incident to a CSA does not commit the victim to further legal action.  During the investigative or assistance phase of these incidences, Victor Valley College will inform the victims of their rights to have,  and the procedures for obtaining an order of protection,  a no contact order, restraining order or similar lawful order issued by criminal or civil courts to prevent furthering of behavior mentioned in this policy.