SAP Appeals Process & Deadlines

Financial Aid SAP Appeal Deadlines:



Deadline Date


SUMMER 2023*

July 10, 2023  -*extended until July 17 by 5pm*

FALL 2023*


September 8, 2023 
-*extended until September 15 by 5pm*


Please note: Students appealing for Fall term will miss the first disbursement run and will be disbursed on the 2nd disbursement run for the term (see disbursement schedule). 


SPRING 2024*


The deadline to submit appeals for Spring is February 9, 2024.


Please note: Students appealing for Spring term will miss the first disbursement run and will be disbursed on the 2nd disbursement run for the term. 


*Appeals accepted after the deadline date for a semester may not be considered until the following semester.

About the Financial Aid SAP Appeal Process:

  • An appeal is to request an exception to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy.
  • An appeal is considered if you demonstrate that the lack of your academic progress was the result of circumstances that were unforeseeable and beyond your control.
  • Appeals are reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid. Decisions are final and cannot be appealed.
  • Incomplete appeals will not be processed or considered.
  • Appeals accepted after the deadline date for a semester may not be considered until the following semester.
  • Appeal decisions will be sent to your VVC email account. It is your responsibility to check your VVC email account regularly. 
  • If your appeal is denied, you are responsible for paying tuition and fees prior to the start of the term or by entering a payment plan.
  • If your appeal is approved, it will be for one term of probation or will based on a SAP financial aid academic plan by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • At the end of a probation term, you must regain and meet all SAP requirements to continue to receive financial aid funding. If on a SAP academic plan, you must meet all requirements of your agreement or financial aid eligibility will be suspended until all SAP standards are met and eligibility can be regained.

Your appeal must include ALL of the following items:

1) Completed Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) Form.
2)detailed statement, which gives details about each of the following questions:
     a. What was the mitigating circumstance(s) that occurred during any term which caused you to not           meet the standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress, including prior terms and/or years?
     b. How have your circumstances changed since then so you are able to be successful going                       forward?
     c. What steps have you taken to ensure you will make Satisfactory Academic Progress in the future?
     d. For MAXIMUM TIMEFRAME SAP Appeals, include the circumstances that contributed to your                 excess attempted hours.
3) Provide supporting documentation that supports the reason(s) given in your statement:
     a. The documentation may include, but is not limited to, a letter from your doctor, medical records,           police records, court documents, death certificates, etc. (Appeals without documentation are                 generally denied. Additional documentation may be requested by the Office of Financial Aid to             make a determination on your appeal.)
     b. Financial hardship must be documented by bank statements, layoff notices, foreclosure notices,           court documents, or other relevant legal documentation.
 4) Please upload all documents for review using the Financial Aid Self-Service Portal in MyVVC. The Office of Financial Aid is a paperless office and only accepts documents submitted electronically. 


Steps to Complete a SAP Appeal:

1) Print, complete, and sign the SAP Appeal Form.
2) Submit your SAP Appeal Form by the established deadline by the Office of Financial Aid.
      *Appeals submitted after the deadline will be considered for the following term
3) Upload your SAP Appeal Form and supporting documentation into Self-Service, under the                    "Financial Aid" link.
       *Incomplete appeals will not be reviewed or considered.
       *Students will be required to provide a detailed explanation of mitigating circumstances,                         supporting documentation, and a statement explaining what has changed that will allow success
         in courses going forward.
4) Please allow 2-3 weeks (after the appeal deadline for the termfor review and decision on your                      appeal. 
       *Your appeal status/decision will be displayed under your Financial Aid Self-Service.
       *Appeals may be reviewed by the Director of Financial Aid-the Director's decision is final and may          not be appealed. *Notification of the appeal decision and conditions of any approval will be sent          by email to a student's VVC email account.
       *Appeal approval is determined on a case-by-case basis is not guaranteed.

Please note: Students will need to submit their appeal electronically in Self-Service under the "Financial Aid" link by the established SAP Appeal deadline dates for the term for consideration.