School of Public Safety and Industrial Technology

The School of Public Safety and Industrial Technology offers students access to Career Technical Education (CTE) courses where they develop and master the skills necessary to secure a high-wage, in-demand career of their choice.

CTE courses deliver a technical and core academic education where students develop the essential and technical knowledge required for prolonged career success in an ever-changing labor market. CTE students will develop problem-solving capabilities, project-completion skills, research competence, communication tools, time management proficiency, and critical thinking skills through their college coursework. Students will learn about the entrepreneurial mindset preparing for success as either an employee or entrepreneur. Coursework is comprehensive and rigorous, allowing for career exploration and skill development inside and outside the classroom. Students across departments engage in hands-on learning through the use of state-of-the-art technology, industry standard equipment, and the latest simulation training in industry accredited programs.

The School of Public Safety and Industrial Technology houses twelve departments: Adult Education, Automotive, Aviation, Basic Skills, Community and Contract Education, Construction, Cooperative Education, Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Services, ESL, Fire Technology, and Welding.