School of STEM and Health Sciences

Welcome to the School of STEM and Health Sciences. We invite you to review our departments pages and programs listed here, where you can also learn about our programs and faculty.


School of STEM and Health Sciences is a premier institution that prepares students with the critical thinking skills required for the 21st century to successfully transfer, gain employment, and engage in civic duties.



School of STEM and Health Sciences provides the learning environment, opportunities and support services that create the strong foundation in mathematics, Physical and Natural and Health sciences to empower students in achieving their future goals.

Initiatives and Event

School of STEM and Health Sciences is engaged in various campus activities including, but not limited to: Lecture Series, High School Engineering Competition, Showcasing Student Success, Early College (CCAP), and Pathways to Transfer to four-year University.


Agriculture and Natural Resources, Biology, Chemistry and Physical Sciences, Physics and Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Allied Health and Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Geography, Mathematics, and Kinesiology/Physical Education.