Organization for the Institutional Self-Study


Under the leadership of Nicholas Halisky, Superintendent/President, the organization for the self study was created through visible support, commitment, and identification of resources that were crucial to the success of this self study. The Vice Presidents, the Director of Accreditation and Grants Development, and the Accreditation Self Study Steering Team provided overall assistance for the many accreditation activities. The objectives of the self study were:








  • to obtain broad participation and a collaborative effort that ensures ownership in the spirit of shared governance;
  • to examine aspects of institutional functioning as measured against the accreditation standards; and
  • to create a plan for the future that focuses on quality assurance and institutional improvement.


The self study process involved leadership, goal setting, role clarification, communication, and problem solving that resulted in a collaborative institutional effort. True participatory management was at hand. Authority flowed from formal to informal processes. Supervision was general; the span of control was wide. Work focused on the self study and involved tasks that included a variety of skills, and judgment on the individuals� parts. Participatory management provided an opportunity for the employees to contribute ideas, to be informed, and to play a part in shared governance. Employees were allowed as much input as they liked, but it was equally important to provide everyone an opportunity to achieve a balance that was equitable to all. The collaborative effort resulted in sharing information, problem solving, negotiating issues, empowerment of individuals, and more effective communication.


The strategic planning involved looking at the institution, conducting a self evaluation, and creating a plan for the future. An effort was made from the beginning to involve all segments of the campus in the self-study process. In March, 1997, Nicholas Halisky, Superintendent/President, identified the Academic Senate President, Phrosene Chimiklis and two administrators, Fay Freeman, Director of Accreditation and Grant Development, and Donna Mertens, Management Group Chair, to serve as co-chairs of the Accreditation Self Study Steering Team. In addition Gary Menser, a faculty member, was identified to serve as the accreditation mentor. The Accreditation Self Study Steering Team was composed of representatives from the Board of Trustees, faculty, classified, management, Associated Student Body, and the community. The Handbook of Accreditation and Policy Manual, Guide To Institutional Self StudyReports to the Commission, and other accreditation materials were prepared and distributed to all Accreditation Self Study Steering Team members.


Several members of the Accreditation Self Study Steering Team and other employees attended the Accreditation Commission Workshop which was hosted by Victor Valley College on September 26, 1997. In addition, some members of the Accreditation Self-Study Steering Team attended the Accreditation Workshop on September 24, 1998, at Los Angeles Harbor College.

Invitations to serve on the accreditation standard teams were extended to all college staff. Staff members requested their preference on standards teams, and were appointed based on those requests and/or expertise. Interim chairs were selected by the Steering Team to initiate the first meeting. At the first meeting, the chairs of the standard teams were selected by the team members. The vice-presidents and other management staff, and faculty served as resource persons for each standard team.


Teamwork was an essential part of the self study. Team members accepted their responsibilities with a spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation. The ultimate success of the self study was the result of the full institutional commitment by Nicholas Halisky, the Superintendent/President, the Board of Trustees, and the collaborative institutional effort of everyone. Many people came together as a team and devoted a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to the preparation of the self study document that focuses on the dynamic and fascinating future of Victor Valley College.


Self Study Co-Chairs


Dr. Phrosene Chimiklis, Academic Senate President, Department Chair, Chemistry

Fay Freeman, Director of Accreditation and Grant Development

Donna Mertens, Chair, Management Group, Director of Fiscal Services

Gary Menser, Accreditation Mentor, Department Chair, Welding


Accreditation Self Study Steering Team


Jan Ashton-Beazie, Librarian

Reiji Cass, Computer Science Faculty

Linda Cera, Executive Assistant

Andrea Glebe, English Faculty, Editor

Geoff Golliher, PTK Honor Society, President

Tony Gomez, San Bernardino County One-Stop Career Center Supervisor

Ruth Green, Student Development Center Technician

Cathy Halisky, Director of Management Information Systems

Beverly Huiner, Typesetter, Instructional Assistant I

Allan Kumlin, Cooperative Education Faculty

Karyl Lougee, Director of Printing Services

Odell Moon, Accounting Faculty

Lilliana Nuñez, ASB President

Jim Pell, Vice President, Institutional Infrastructure

Robert Saltarelli, Vice President, Student Learning

Bettye Underhill, Board of Trustees


Standard Team Chairs


Standard 1

Bill Gruelich, Director of Governmental Relations/ Public Information

Margie Milroy, Speech/Theater Arts Faculty


Standard 2

Darlene Castleman, Director of Customer Relations

Mary Kaiser, Administrative Assistant


Standard 3

Margarita Barbosa, Administrative Secretary

Frank Foster, Art/Photography Faculty


Standard 4

Carol Golliher, English Faculty

Henry Young, Business Administration Faculty


Standard 5

Maria Nuñez, Data Entry Clerk

Peggy Nuñez, Counselor


Standard 6

John Akins, Librarian

Jan Ashton-Beazie, Librarian

Fran Elgin, Librarian


Standard 7

Barbara Becker, Business Education Technologies Faculty

Michelle Osburn, Instructional Assistant III


Standard 8

John Beale, Director of Maintenance & Operations

Pat Gummo, Laboratory Technician, Physical Sciences


Standard 9

Margie Lough, Director of Development of the Master Artist Series/Administrative Assistant to the Foundation

Debby McConnehey, Accounting Technician


Standard 10

Phrosene Chimiklis, Chemistry Department Chairperson

Diane Cline, Nursing Faculty