Accreditation Self Study Time Lines


March-May 1997 Steering Team selection

April-May 1997 Standard Team selection

April 17, 1997 Town Hall meeting, accreditation update

June 5, 1997 Congratulation letters sent to team members

September 2, 1997 Flex Day, standard team meetings and selection of chairs of the ten accreditation standards

September 26, 1997 WASC Accreditation Workshop held at VVC

January 6, 1998 Flex Day, standard team break out sessions

February 27, 1998 First draft standard reports due to Steering Team, editing

April, 1998 Board report

April, 1998 Review final standard reports

May 12, 1998 Campus-wide input/discussion

May 12, 1998 Board review of self study report draft

June 30, 1998 Final drafts of standards due to Steering Team

August-September Critique standards, revisions

September 2, 1998 Flex Day, college forum

September-November Revisions, report consolidated into full report

September-January 1999 Final editing

October 12-14, 1998 Attended California Assessment Institute, Assessment of Learning Outcomes, Monterey

December, 1998 Revisions to update current information

January, 1999 Printing of Self Study Report

January, 1999 Mail Report

January through

February 1999 Prepare for team visit, prepare document room

January 28, 1999 Flex Day - Accreditation

March 23-25, 1999 Evaluation Team Visit

April, 1999 - next site visit Ongoing accreditation activities