Special Projects

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Special Projects

Throughout the course of the year, restaurant management is involved in various projects that promote the program and involve the community……


Tech X is an opportunity for vocational departments to showcase what the college offers with various activities held throughout the campus…

In 1999, restaurant management participated through demonstrations, ice carvings and food booths raising money for scholarships for restaurant management students…

2000 Gourmet Dinner - photo of buffet table and staff

Tech X 2000 banner.


VICA competition food and beverage service competition, sett

1999 Restaurant Management Club Booth at Tech Fair 1999

TECH X 2000

" This annual event took on a more successful organized effort by all members of the Restaurant Management Department"...

During high school day, Friday May 5, high schools participated in the first annual ultimate cookie challenge.

Lucerne Valley High School placed first, second, and third place. Congratulations Lucerne, hope to see you next year!!!

On Saturday, May 6, the restaurant management department host the first annual chili contest for the community.  First place went to Lilik Thorassian, congratulations Lilik, hope to see you next year!!!

techx 2000 banner photo

2000 Chili Contest first place: Lilik Thorossian, presenter: Duan Buckles.

2000 Gourmet Dinner

Tech fair 2000


SkillsUSA-VICA is a nationwide student association dedicated to providing quality education experiences for students in career management, leadership, and teamwork. Students learn by doing, which means they build self-confidence and mastery of the skills so important to employers and employees. SkillsUSA-VICA emphasizes total quality at work, high ethical
standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA-VICA also promotes understanding of business, volunteerism, and community service.

SkillsUSA-VICA is the national organization for students in trade, industrial, technical, and health occupations education. It sponsors the SkillsUSA-VICA championships to recognize the achievements of vocational students and to encourage them to strive for excellence and pride in their chosen occupations.

Working against the clock and each other, the participants prove their expertise in job skills for occupations such as electronics, technical drafting, precision machining, medical assisting and culinary arts. There are also competitions in leadership skills, such as extemporaneous speaking and conducting meetings by parliamentary procedure.

The contests are planned by technical committees made up of representatives of labor and management and are designed to test the skills needed for successful entry-level performance in given occupational fields.  Local representatives of education and industry assist the national technical committee. Safety practices and procedures-an area of great concern to labor and management alike-are judged and graded and constitute a portion
of a contestant’s score.

Victor Valley College was proud to host the 2000 Regional Competitions for the SkillsUSA-VICA organization. Restaurant Management took home two gold and two silver medals. At the state competition, Eric Sweet took home the gold representing California in the National Competition held in June 2000 at Kansas City, Missouri. Congratulations Eric.

Victor Valley College will host the 2001 Regional Competitions for the SkillsUSA-VICA organization with local high school and college students in culinary arts, food and beverage service, as well as commercial baking will compete February 2, 2001.

1999 restaurant management club booth at tech fair 1999

2000 VICA competition: commercial baking.

2000 chili contest first place: Lilik Thorossian, Presenter:

How we finish off an ice sculpture after an event, Eric Sweet, 2000 California State Gold Medal Winner, VICA competition.


1999 gourmet dinner, last dinner on the titanic photo

2000 VICA Award Winners, Region 6
Left, Back: John Whittaker, Gold medal culinary arts. Right, Back: Eric Sweet, Silver medal culinary arts.
Left Front: Heather Solomon, Silver medal food and beverage service.
Right Front: Cheri Vaught, Gold medal food and beverage service.

Last Dinner on the Titanic - photo 2

VICA competition Food and Beverage Service competition, setting tables.


In 1999, Restaurant Management began what hopes to become the event of the season. A gourmet dinner is planned for the first Saturday of November. This is an opportunity for the community to support the department’s endeavors by experiencing the ambiance and exotic flavors of a particular themed event. All net proceeds from this event benefit The Restaurant Management Scholarship Fund for students enrolled in the program at Victor Valley College.

On Saturday, November 6,1999 the first annual gourmet dinner was held.   The Last Dinner on the Titanic was the theme featuring a six course exquisite meal featuring the first class guests menu of the Titanic. A sold out crowd savored the flavors, enjoyed the music of a string quartet and indulged in a dessert reception immediately following.

Tech Fair 2000

1999 Gourmet Dinner, Last Dinner on the Titanic.

2000 vica competition : commercial baking

Last Dinner on the Titanic.

On Saturday, November 4, 2000 the theme for this years annual event was an
Evening At the Oscars featuring the creations of Wolfgang Puck as was
served at the governor’s ball. This ball is the exclusive party of the Oscar
winners immediately following the Oscar presentations.

Look for updates regarding the 2001 gourmet dinner!!!

Erick Sweet, 2000 CA State Gold Medal Winner, VICA Competiti

2000 gourmet dinner.

photo of 2000 VICA Award Winners, Region 6

2000 Gourmet Dinner, An Evening at the Oscars, setting up desserts.

2000 Gourmet Dinner - photo of staff

2000 Gourmet Dinner.

2000 Gourmet Dinner and Evening at the Oscars, setting up de

2000 Gourmet Dinner.