Student Agreement | Pathway to Law School Program

The student agrees to the following in accordance with the MOU between the participating institutions, the California Community College’s Chancellor’s office, the California State Bar, and its administrator:

  1. Information-Sharing. A LAW Scholar must self-identify as a “LAW Scholar” participant in the Law Pathway to the State Coordinator, and consent to the State Coordinator’s release of information to Parties to the extent necessary for the LAW Scholar to progress through the Law Pathway and consent to maintenance of general data necessary to assess the program.
  2. Transfer and Admission to Undergraduate Institution. While knowledge of which courses will transfer to an institution is valuable, policies at each university (or even schools and majors within a university) may impose additional admission requirements.  In addition to completing the specified courses under the Law Pathway for admission to the participating law schools, a LAW Scholar must complete all pre-requisites for his/her major as required by a participating undergraduate institution and must transfer successfully. 
  3. Good Standing. LAW Scholar must always be in good academic standing as defined by each educational institution that the Student attends; must never be on academic probation or suspension or in violation of student conduct codes; and must at no time fall below the standards of ethics or behavior that would bar admission to the State Bar of California.
  4. In addition to the above, Student may at any point be removed from consideration under this Law Pathway by any or all the participating law schools for any of the following behaviors as determined by those participating law schools;
    • Academic misconduct
    • Unlawful misconduct
    • Employment misconduct
    • Financial misconduct
    • Any other reasons determined by a law school that would indicate that Student does not appear capable of satisfactorily completing its educational program and being admitted to the bar.
  5. Application and Matriculation at Law School. Student must complete the course work at the community college level during this Agreement Period and enroll in participating law school no later than Fall 2024.  Student is required to complete the law school application. Student must register with the Law School Admission Council (“LSAC”) and submit official transcripts through the Candidate Assembly Service (“CAS”).
  6. No Obligation. Any Student who does not meet the requirements for consideration as a “LAW Scholar” under this MOU or who is removed from the Law Pathway is not otherwise barred from seeking directly admission to any law school, including all participating law schools.  Likewise, Student who meets all the requirements under this MOU is not obligated to attend any of the participating law schools and may seek admission to other law schools or may decide not to pursue a legal career.