The Victor Valley College Student Employment Office is established for the purpose of assisting students in securing employment.

The Student Employment Office interviewers are sensitive to the needs of the student, as well as the employer, and are committed to a program of personal attention to both participants.

The Student Employment service is one of matching the interests, training, and work history of the student to the job qualifications listed by the employer.

  • Part-time -- Full-time
  • Days -- Evenings
  • Seasonal -- On-call Skilled -- Unskilled
  • Permanent -- Temporary
  • Unskilled -- Skilled
  • Graduates -- Alumni

Services Include

  • A variety of jobs in the community that are suited to our students' needs
  • Technical support services available through the Internet, JobTrak, CalJOBS, a "computer-aided" in-office job    search program, and much more
  • Current employment information
  • Placement for Cooperative Work Experience Education students ( See the Cooperative Work Experience    description for details)
  • Coordination of placement, "on" and "off" campus, for eligible Federal Work Study and CalWORKS students
  • Assistance with resume-writing and interview techniques
  • Referrals for currently-enrolled students and alumni

To visit the Student Employment Office website, click here.