Student Learning Outcomes

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Searchable Online Databases of Active SLO Reports by Term

All Student Learning Outcomes are vetted and identified in the "active" Course Outline Record (COR) in META formally known as CurricUNET. The reports below are pulled from CurricUNET and/ or META and uploaded on this webpage the first week of the semester. 

VIDEO: Finding the correct SLOs on the CFIE Website Video (Less than 3 minutes)

Fall 2020 : Active SLOs : Searchable Online Database



Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Completed Assessment Forms:

An SLO Assessment Form describing the process, essentially an assessment of the assessment, is also expected. Once assessment for SLOs is done, the instructor(s) evaluates the effectiveness of the SLOs and the assessment of them. From the information taken by the assessment, the instructor can revise the SLOs or can revise the assessment tools to better accurately measure student accomplishment in the future. When finished with assessment, the instructor writes an Assessment Report detailing the assessment of the students' accomplishments, evaluating the SLOs and assessments, and providing suggestions for improving effectiveness. The process is ongoing, continually reviewing assessment and the SLOs, all in the hopes of improving instruction and learning.


  • Cheat Sheet :


    How to save a documents that are labeled in a manner that one doesn't assume the discipline name, courses number, term nor content. 

    • EXAMPLE #2: ALDH125-2020FA-RUBRIC.docx   
    • EXAMPLE #3: ALDH125-2020FA-SAMPLE.docx

All Assessment should be submitted into your dean's office electronically in a Word or converted PDF format only. If you submit in a scanned copy it will not be accepted, since it is a picture and doesn't allow copying and pasting of your work into Nuventive Improve, where all Assessments are stored. 

HASS: Lisa McElroy 

HSPSIT:  Alyssa Sandello

OOI: Fabiola Hernandez

STEM: Jennifer Henry 

STSV: Suzanna Dorado