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If you have questions in regard to your previous student loan please go to the National Student Loan Data System. If you are interested in a student loan please contact the Financial Aid Office for the Student Loan Packet. Victor Valley College recommends smart borrowing and to only borrow what you need to meet your educational goals.


Through NSLDS you can review your loan/grant history and get contact information in one centralized website. In addition you can see your Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used along with taking your Loan Entrance/Exit exam.

Financial Literacy

Educating our students is the number one goal at Victor Valley College. Part of that education now includes financial literacy. Earning a degree is a wise and sometimes expensive investment. Victor Valley College wants to help in that investment, by offering a platform to learn about finances, saving, investing, and other financial aid resources.

Having the knowledge and skills of financial literacy can help a person for their whole life not just while they are in school.

At Victor Valley College we want our students to be successful not just at VVC but when they leave to their education or career.


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ECMC Learning - Financial Literacy Tool

Victor Valley College offers the ECMC Learning Financial Literacy tool. The ECMC Learning tool is an interactive website dedicated to promoting financial literacy.

Learn how to save, budget for the future, and learn financial skills that can benefit you long after you have graduated college.

Start today by clicking on the link and creating your own login/password. Once logged in you can track your progress through ECMC Learning's interactive site.

Access the VVC ECMC Learning Financial Literacy Tool