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The following documents are provided in Microsoft Word format and Adobe Reader format and are designed to help delegates with the various tasks Model United Nations requires.


Informative Links

The following links can be used to assist in research and staying informed of events that are taking place within the Model United Nations community.


Local Conferences 

Southern California Model United Nations - (Oct 12-14, 2012) Originally starting out as the OC-MUN Conference, the conference has grown to a two day conference in which students can go a day early to attend workshops aimed at helping with research and other skills needed for the conference. Multiple Colleges and Universities will be attending this conference. There will be seven different committees, each with their own topics. This conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, across the street from Disneyland. 

International Conferences

National Model United Nations New York - ( April 3-7, 2012) This is the largest and most acclaimed conference of Model United Nations. It consists of more than five thousand delegates comprised of students from international and domestic colleges. These students come together to discuss current global issues from among twenty selected committees. The closing ceremonies of the conference are held in Great Hall of the United Nations' headquarters which resides in New York. Students also have the opportunity to visit Permanent Missions.


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