Math Book Options

 VVC Math Faculty have a variety of teaching methods:
  • some teachers require a physical textbook;
  • some teachers allow you the choice of a physical textbook or an online e-book;
  • some teachers require students to do their homework online.

ONLINE Math Classes only require you purchase access to the class website (MyMathLab* or ConnectMath*) or use the free MyOpenMath website (depending upon the teacher and course). Full digital access to your text will be available online.

You may choose instead to purchase access bundled with a text if you prefer to have a physical textbook in addition to the online access, but it will not be required. All online math classes will have an on-campus (or proctored) final exam.

For ON-CAMPUS classes, you will have the option of purchasing a traditional textbook (bundled with online access if NEW) or the digital version (MyMathLab* ConnextMath*) which is available online.

Some on-campus instructors will require online access to submit homework.  These classes are labeled web-enhanced.

A hybrid course is partially on-campus and partially online, incorporating the best of both learning environments.

*Texts published by Pearson use MyMathLab.

*Texts published by McGraw-Hill use Connect Math.

*Some classes use MyOpenMath, a free online reource.

To ensure the correct text and teaching method, consult the listings in the Rams Bookstore. Information regarding your particular section can also be found by clicking on the section within WebAdvisor.  Most texts have a temporary access code which your teacher may provide to you to get you started for the first two weeks of the semester, so you may wish to check with your teacher the first day of class before purchasing your text (or opening up the packaging in case you have already purchased the text).

  • Math 104, Trigonometry

    Trigonometry, 5th edition, Dugopolski, Pearson.

  • Math 105, College Algebra

    College Algebra, Miller, Julie, 2nd edition, McGraw Hill.
    College Algebra, 5th edition, Beecher, Penna, Bittinger, Pearson.

  • Math 120, Introduction to Statistics

    Elementary Statistics, Triola, Pearson.

  • Math 226, 227, 228 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I, II, III

    Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions, Larson, Cengage.

  • Math 270, Differential Equations

    A first Course in Differential Equations, The Classic Fifth Edition, Zill, Dennis G., Brooks, Cole Thompson Learning.

  • Math 231, Linear Algebra

    Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 3rd Edition, Lay, David C., Pearson.

  • Math 132, Ideas of Mathematics

    Using & Understanding Mathematics, 7th edition, Bennett, Pearson.