Victor Valley College -

VVC High Desert Higher Education Center


Azusa Pacific University - High Desert Regional Center offers an accelerated

Bachelor's Degree
  • Human Development
Master's Degrees:
  • Educational Technology
  • Pupil Personnel Services
  • School Administration
  • Special Education
State certificate
  • C.L.A.D
State credentials
  • Administrative Services (Tier I and Tier II)
  • Pupil Personnel Services
  • Mild/Moderate Disabilities Specialist Level 1
Multiple-Subject Teaching Internship/M.A. in Teaching are also offered.

Registration, financial aid information, and academic advising are all available on the Victor Valley College campus. Call (760) 952-1765 for a class schedule or for more information.


California State University, San Bernardino

Beginning winter quarter 2000, CSUSB has been offering courses onsite at Victor Valley College. Compressed video courses were added in the spring and summer so now students may take courses on site, online, or on TV through compressed video from the main campus or CVC. Bill Gray, an already familiar face on the main campus, is the new site coordinator at the VVCC.

Beginning in June, he has been coordinating classrooms, schedules, equipment, publicity, and acting as a liaison between CSUSB's main campus and Victor Valley College. Our course offerings have increased so dramatically that we have expanded from our original one classroom to as many as seven for fall quarter. The purchase of classroom equipment, fax machines and microphones for compressed video classes, desktop video and computer access to the main campus offices, courier service, the assignment of a student advisor and connections to the Pfau Library for bibliographic instruction, database access and interlibrary loan are all services added to the Center.

Fall quarter will offer 19 courses on-site and by compressed video, in addition to online courses.