Victor Valley College Cares Act

Students: If you need a laptop to access and participate in your classes, have not been able to afford all the textbooks or access codes you need for your class(es), and/or if you/your family can use help with basic needs expenses, the college is providing additional CARES Act financial grants. You do not have to be receiving financial aid in order to apply. These funds are available for any currently registered student who has a need.

Funds will be prioritized for students who are registered, making progress toward a goal, and complete an application.
- Monthly awards will be made to students who have an active financial aid application on file.
- Students who don’t receive financial aid can apply using the CARES Act Application.
The college is committed to providing financial grants as long as funding is available. Students will be communicated about their grant status via student email.
We know this has been a challenging time for you and are so proud of your continued commitment to your education. Know that all the support services you would normally find on campus continue to be available to you on-line. Let us know how we can assist you.


* Bank Mobile information
Victor Valley College has partnered with Bankmobile to conveniently deliver your Financial Aid disbursements including the Cares Act/HEERF award.
If you qualify you will receive your refund selection kit in a bright green envelope in the mail from Bankmobile within 7-10 days of awarding, with an access code to choose your preference. Once you create your account, you can choose to get a debit card/bank account through Bankmobile or have your funds directly deposited into your personal bank account. All email correspondence from Bankmobile will made via your Victor Valley College student email. Please make sure you have a valid Victor Valley College Student email and an updated mailing address on file.
More information can be found at our website here. /offices/financial-aid/rams-card.shtml




Last Updated 3/9/21