Victor Valley College - Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Research and analysis are required components of each Department’s Program Review self-study and report. Assistance is available to Program Review teams in the collection and review in the following types of data.

  1. Student, Faculty, and Staff Satisfaction Data:
  2. Student Enrollment and Achievement Data:
    • Recommended minimum data for instructional Program Review as outlined in the Appendix of the Program Review Guide are available from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Website and from the Victor Valley College Decision Support System (Instructional Research Query Builder).
    • Please contact Mark Clair, IR Coordinator, for access and training in the use of the Decision Support System as well as an additional spreadsheet for the creation of charts using your discipline’s data.

  3. Institutional and Regional Data:

    For additional information regarding the Victor Valley and Victor Valley College and its students, consult the Fact Book 2003 /offices/research/IRwebsite04/factbook/factbook.html or contact Mark Clair, IR Coordinator, at

  4. Budget History Information:

    Budget history information is available for each department from the Snowhite Financial System. Please contact Mary Pringle, Director of Fiscal Services for access to and training in the use of the Snowhite Financial System.



Mark Clair M.A.
Institutional Research Coordinator
245.245.4271 ext. 2648