VVC Dashboard 2020

Access to VVC Decision Support System (DSS) Dashboards

The VVC Decision Support System (or "DSS") enables access to the information most requested across campus. Reports may require a Power BI account available for free from Microsoft by clicking on the "Sign In" button that may appear below using your appropriate VVC login credentials.  Alternatively, you can go directly to Microsoft here.

Click on the double-headed arrow on the lower right corner of each visualization below to expand it. Please note that where reports enable a file download with individual student information, the Student IDs shown are NOT the actual VVC student ID numbers in compliance with FERPA.

If a Power BI login and/or visualizations do not appear below, requests for credentials are provided to VVC workforce members by submitting a request through the VVC Support Portal.  If you cannot find the data you need in these dashboards, please submit an ad hoc research request through the VVC Support Portal.  Any questions or comments about institutional performance data can be sent via email to VVC.Research@vvc.edu.

For a "big picture" view of general indicators of institutional performance over time (e.g., course success, term-to-term retention, degrees/certs awarded), click here.