The VVC Physics Department

Physics is the study motion, force, energy, and matter. The students of physics contemplate wide range of subjects from the smallest like the atom and its components to the largest like galaxies.

The study of physics should strengthen students' skills in:

  • Problem Solving

  • Written Communication

  • Team Work

The department offers courses for students in many majors. The physics courses at VVC are divided into the following categories:

Introductory Physics

This is a one-semester, algebra-based course, intended for students who need a science course with a lab, without any calculus requirements.

General Physics

This is a two-semester, calculus-based course, intended for students majoring in biology, health sciences, and many other fields.

Engineering Physics

This is a four-semester, calculus-based course, intended for students majoring in physics, engineering, and other physical sciences fields.

All physics courses, or sequences, cover essential topics in lower level undergraduate physics, including: mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, electricity and magnetism and modern physics.

Computer Methods for Engineers

This course is an introduction to methods and techniques for solving engineering problems using numerical-analysis computer-application programs, technical computing, and visualization using MATLAB software.


This class is concerned with the analysis of forces on physical systems in static equilibrium.

Materials Science

This course covers major topics related to engineering design, manufacturing, and the properties of materials used in modern component construction.


This course covers major topics related to thermodynamic systems.