VVC Promise +

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Welcome to the VVC Promise +

The pandemic dealt huge setbacks to many of our students - today, we are offering a path back to stability.

It's called the VVC Promise +

The VVC Promise + program provides financial access to higher education at Victor Valley College for all students who complete the VVC Promise + steps, regardless of residency. The purpose? To support our students and invest in our community. Victor Valley College graduates, on average, earn an additional $9,200 per year upon finishing their degrees. They are also more likely to engage in positive civic activity and less likely to need public assistance. 

Qualified students can attend VVC with enrollment and student fees paid over the course of the academic year 2021-22. The VVC Promise program is available to any first-time, continuing, returning, transfer students.

For updates on the fall semester at VVC, visit the college's COVID-19 webpage.

Steps to the VVC Promise +

The steps below will set you up for success at VVC. Want more information? See our FAQ below.

  1. Submit an Application for Admission
  2. Register for units
  3. Submit a valid FAFSA or Dream Act Application

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the VVC Promise +

  • What terms will be paid for (enrollment and student fees)?
    • 2021-2022 academic year (Fall 2021, Winter/Spring 2022, Summer 2022)
  • What fees are covered?
    • Enrollment fees, student fees, parking fees (not material)
  • What is the minimum number of units I must register in?
    • No minimum unit requirement
  • What are the deadlines to submit a valid FAFSA or Dream Act Application? There is no deadline, but please aim for completing your FAFSA by the dates below.
    • FALL SEMESTER (Includes Term 1 and Term 2 classes)
      • Complete and submit by September 10, 2021
      • Complete and submit by December 29, 2021
    • SPRING SEMESTER (Includes Term 3 and Term 4 classes)
      • Complete and submit by February 18, 2022
        (applies only to students who were NOT enrolled in summer or fall 2021 classes)
      • Complete and submit by June 20, 2022

How to Complete the FAFSA or CDAA

To complete the FAFSA or to complete the CA Dream Act

  • What steps are required to receive the VVC Promise + benefits?
    • Steps and FAFSA required - even if not eligible (note: Students who don't complete the FAFSA will have a hold on their account prior to Winter/Fall registration)
    • Pell Grant Eligible students may receive automatic monthly grants
  • What type of students are eligible to receive the VVC Promise + benefits?
    • First-time, continuing, returning, transfer
    • Other students will be able to apply for grants (to cover books, supplies, basic needs, etc.)
  • Can faculty and staff refer students for bookstore grants?
    • Yes, faculty/staff are able to refer students who need books/access codes to Foundation for bookstore grant
  • Who can receive a book grant, and how can they receive them?
    • $500 Book grants are available only to High School 2021 grads. Book grants are also available via the CARES Act application
  • What grants are available for non-High School 2021 grads, and how can they receive them?
    • All registered students are eligible for CARE Act basic needs grants. Students who are eligible for financial aid (based on FAFSA application) will automatically receive grants during the semester. Other students may apply via the CARES Act application