VVGMC | Mandatory Signature Documents

VVGMC requires nursing students to download, print, and sign specific documents prior to rotations beginning.

Print the documents in this section.

All documents must be completed in black ink and returned to the nursing office no later than: January 7, 2019


It is important to fill out and sign required sections of each form/documents

On the front of “Checklist for Students/Interns” the lower section will require you to complete and sign.

Staple the vi and vii Security Access/Request documents together. These are your computer access documents.  IT department at VVGMC will process these documents.

Bundle the completed required documents together and return to nursing office on the given due date.

There will be a designated folder for these documents. The front secretary will stamp-date and file accordingly for your clinical rotation.

All documents will remain in a confidential manner.

Any questions or concerns please email:   Deanna.Sherrick@vvc.edu