Welcome to IER

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (IER)

IER provides leadership in the planning, organization, direction and administration of:

  • VVC's educational master plan and related plans;

  • accreditation and assessment of institutional effectiveness;

  • data collection, analysis, and reporting;

  • enrollment management;

  • program development; and

  • grant proposal development.


Program Vision:

Empowering VVC workforce members with access to valid, reliable, relevant data and analysis that they use to improve their programs.


Program Mission:

Aligned with the mission and institutional commitment of Victor Valley College, IER enables the District in its evaluation, planning, and improvement efforts. Focused areas are federal reporting, apportionment reporting, enrollment management, and the certification of data as delivered to Victor Valley College's internal and external stakeholders.


Core Competencies:

  • Research, analysis and knowledge management

  • Organizational evaluation and development


Service Area Outcomes:

  • Data Integrity/Data Governance projects will remain on budget and within scope with maximum slippage of 25%.
  • Data warehouse redesign project will remain on budget and within scope with maximum slippage of 25%.



The IER has moved into Building 52 adjacent to the Superintendent/President's Office until its new home in Building 55 is completed.

Virginia Moran
Executive Dean
Email: virginia.moran@vvc.edu
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2414


Jennifer Larriva
Institutional Research Coordinator
Email: jennifer.larriva@vvc.edu
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2477


Audrey Vaughn
Administrative Secretary II
Email: audrey.vaughn@vvc.edu
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2432


Lawrence Andriese
Research Analyst
Email: lawrence.andriese@vvc.edu
Phone: (760) 245-4271, extension 2529

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