Welcome to Institutional Effectiveness and Research

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The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, aligned with the mission and institutional commitment of Victor Valley College, is to support the District in its evaluation, planning, and improvement efforts. Focused areas are federal reporting, apportionment reporting, enrollment management, and the certification of data as delivered to Victor Valley College's internal and external stakeholders.


  • Design, conduct and publish statistical studies to assist District policies, program planning and development.
  • Design, conduct and publish on-demand studies to meet departmental, institutional, community, state and federally mandated needs.
  • Provide assistance, guidance and support to faculty, staff and administrators in the conduct of their research activities and coordinates District and College-related research efforts.
  • Maintain the data warehouse for college-wide reporting purposes. 
  • Provide the community with information via the Institutional Research Website and the Annual Report.

Any questions or comments should be directed to the Executive Dean by email to Virginia.Moran@vvc.edu. Requests for information not already available from this website can be submitted through the VVC Service Desk .