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Political science is the study of the processes, principles, and structures of government and political institutions. This field includes an analysis of governments around the world and of international relations.

This academic discipline leads toward an understanding of the institutions of government, the role of citizens and political leaders, and contemporary issues at every level of government. For course descriptions, choose Courses from our menu at left.

Career opportunities, which may require advanced degrees, include attorney, campaign consultant, educator, foreign diplomat, government official/elected official, intelligence officer/analyst, journalist, law enforcement positions, legislative/executive assistant, lobbyist, and urban planner.

Political science courses are designed to introduce students to the workings of government and political institutions, nationally and internationally, as well as the contemporary issues at every level of government.

Several Associate of Arts for Transfer Degrees (AA-T) are offered through the Department:

AA-T Degree in Political Science

AA-T Degree in Global Studies

AA-T Degree in Law, Public Policy, and Society

We also offer a professional Associate of Arts Degree (AA) and number of professional certificates:

AA Degree in Paralegal Studies

Paralegal Studies Certificate of Achievment

Advanced Paralegal Studies Certificate of Career Preparation

Certificate in Global Competency

Certificate in Public Administration (forthcoming)