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This refers to job-related injuries or illnesses.    

FIRST and foremost, if you need EMERGENCY medical attention, dial 911 !!


If you believe you may have been injured or ill during the performance of your work assignment, you must report this to the Human Resources office within 24 hours whether or not medical care is desired.   When the injury/illness is not a medical emergency, call and report to the COMPANY NURSE.  Company nurse gathers information over the phone, will triage, give guidance and helps injured workers access appropriate medical treatment.  This document explains your RIGHTS under workers' compensation.  You may refer to the applicable bargaining agreement for additional information.    The initial report and additional claim forms are located in Human Resources in Building 10.   Call extension 2468 or 2486.  

If injury occurs after normal District Office hours, call the COMPANY NURSE Injury Hotline at 1-877-518-6702, and contact the Office of Human Resources and/or your supervisor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  You may report your accident to campus police; be sure to identify yourself as an employee if the injury/illness occurred during your work assignment.  You will then follow-up as needed in Human Resources the next available work day.

It is important that any job-related accident or illness be on file even if you do not wish medical attention immediately.     VVC is very serious about maintaining and enhancing safe work conditions; with your report on file, depending on how and why you were injured, safety issues can be addressed.  EMPLOYEE STATEMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL INJURY/ILLNESS REPORT FORM.

If you need or desire medical care for an injury or illness you believe to be job-related, you will be given an authorization for medical services by the Company Nurse.  If injury occurs after normal District Office hours, call the Company Nurse Injury Hotline at 1-877-518-6702, and contact the Office of Human Resources and/or your supervisor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  

VVC maintains a Medical Provider Network (MPN) for injured employees.  

Click here for the PRIME Advantage MPN Employee Notification.

In addition, benefits-eligible employees may pre-designate a physician in case of future job-related injuries or illnesses.  Once completed and signed by the employee and the designated physician, this form is placed in the employee personnel file for future workers' compensation claims.

Click here for a PHYSICIAN-PREDESIGNATION form (Benefits-eligible employees only).