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Laboratory Safety and Technique Videos

The following information is provided by the VVC Chemistry Department.

Welcome to the VVC laboratory technique and safety videos!

(Please note that answers to dry-lab portions of wet-labs will not be shown online. If you want to check your answers, please speak with your instructor.)

Lab Safety

You are required to watch both parts and complete the self-test prior to coming to Lab 1.

[POWERPOINT]  Part 1  |  Part 2 Self-Test

[PDF]  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Self-Test

Having trouble viewing the powerpoint files? Download Microsoft's FREE PowerPoint Viewer here

Having trouble viewing the pdf files? Download Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader here (make sure to un-check the McAfee or Google Chrome option before clicking 'Download' if you don't want to install one of those with your PDF reader)

Lab Videos

Make a selection below to view the specified lab video:

***If you are having trouble viewing movies, please go to here to check your browser. If you have add-ons/plug-ins disabled, please enable them. If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and the video is not working, use Internet Explorer. If you are still having issues, please e-mail John Hoskins at

Let your instructor know what you think about each video. If you have any suggestions, questions, or need help with your computer or chemistry, please feel free to contact John Hoskins (Chemistry Lab Aide) at (please limit 1 question per e-mail).