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Photovoltaic Technician Program

View an online Presentation about VVC's Photovoltaic Technician Program

VVC Students with a photovoltaic systemConstruction Technology’s Photovoltaic Technician Program teaches students the knowledge and skills needed to enter this fast-growing industry. 

This year, California will add over 10,000 solar workers!! 

Construction Technology hosts a highly successful Solar Hiring Conference each semester for students achieving a grade of 80% or better.”



What is VVC's Photovoltaic (PV) Technician Program?

  • CT-148 / 144 is a 6-unit class that teaches PV theory, electrical skills, and the installation skills necessary to enter the Solar Industry.Photovoltaic Students installing roof mounts for solar equipment
  • A Solar Hiring Conference is hosted by VVC on the last week of the course.
    • Typically, 6-8 companies attend. They are looking to hire.
    • 80% of students are hired within 4 weeks of completing this class.
  • There is a LOT of Math and Reading required for this class!
  • Recommended (not required) course preparation:
    • CT-107 or 108 : Technical Math
    • CT-120A : Residential Wiring
    • CT-142 : Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic Technician Students