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Mathematics Department

 Student Math League

Sequence of Math Courses


Due to recent legislation (AB 705) from Sacramento, required changes are coming to the English and math classes offered at community colleges.   Effective Fall 2019, Math 42, Math 42-S, Math 63, and Math 90 will no longer be offered.  Math 90-S will continue in limited offerings for a short time.

For further information, check out our AB 705 information page HERE.  You may also view a Description of Registration Changes.

Unsure about which math course you should take? Take a look at these guidelines.


Fall 2019 Corequisite Sections:

Click on the links below to see the corequisite course offerings in Fall 2019.

College Algebra Sections (Math 85+105)

Statistics Sections (Math 80+120)

Calculus Sections (Math 86+226 and Math 87+227)


The Victor Valley College Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of our diverse student population. It is a vital and growing program, providing reasoning skills to help students function in a wide range of sciences: social, biological, physical, behavioral, and management. Mathematics is necessary for understanding and expressing ideas in science, engineering, and human affairs. Mathematics is integrally related to computer science and statistics, which have proven invaluable to advancing research and modern industrial technology. The Mathematics curriculum academically prepares the student to transfer to a 4-year university to complete a Baccalaureate degree; it is also an integral part of many certificates and degrees offered at VVC. In addition, we offer an AS-T in Mathematics at Victor Valley College!

For tutoring help, the math department offers the Math Success Center.  It is located in room 146 of the ATC (building 21).  Open Mon-Thurs from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm and on Fridays from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, it is a place to study and do your homework, as well as a place to get math tutoring.  The math department also offers a series of workshops to help you with you succeed.

Math Classrooms and Offices on Campus 


Last Updated 6/9/19