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Carol Delong


Carol Delong - Professor - photo

Office Phone: 760-245-4271, ext 2435
Location: Science 43-north end of building 30
Office Hours: MTWTH 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Carol Ann Delong, Professor

B.A. in Geography from California State University Long Beach, M.A. in Geography from California State University Long Beach


While not a native, Professor Carol Ann DeLong has spent most of her life in southern California raising 3 children. Each is now grown and married with children. Teaching geography at community college has always been her career goal since taking her first geography class at CSULB. She spent many years as an adjunct in southern California, teaching at many community colleges including Cerritos, Golden West, OrangeCoast and Cypress. She received her full-time geography teaching position at VictorValleyCollege in 1992 and has taught introductory geography for the last 20 years teaching both onsite and online courses. In her words, “teaching at VictorValleyCollege and being here in the VictorValley is where I belong.  I love it here! Every semester I am eager to meet my new students. They are always interesting and, in their diversity, they continue to challenge me. I find teaching at VVC to be very gratifying.”

Professor Delong’s other interests include writing, photography, genealogy, gardening, collecting, especially old books, and home improvement projects; currently working on a kitchen remodel. In addition, she enjoys spending time with her many grandchildren and elderly Mom.

Her many research projects include a study of southern California’s Dairy industry especially as relates to DairyValley, now the city of Cerritos, and a focus on elderly population displacement in cities.  Other research includes community college student characteristics’ survey that she has conducted for the last 10 years at VVC. In addition, she is currently looking at writing a new lab book for Physical Geography and developing the Geography AA for VVC students. In the past, she has written new curriculum for all Geography classes taught at VVC and will continue to add to the curriculum as well as updating current courses.


Favorite quotes:

 A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, Lao Tsu

Just do it, Nike

Happiness is accepting the present. Victoria Moran


Additional Information

Professor Carol Ann DeLong is a member of the Association of American Geographers, Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, Society of Women Geographers and the American Meteorological Society.

Course Documents for Fall 2012

  • Physical Geography Lecture Syllabus - Course No. GEOG 101 - Sections Nos. 42147, 42152, 42158, 42162 - [ download syllabus here ]
  • Physical Geography Lab Syllabus - Course No. GEOG 101L - Section No. 42551 - [ download lab syllabus here ]