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Registered Nursing

The Victor Valley College Associate Degree Nursing program provides instruction and training to produce competent, knowledgeable, graduate nurses that provide quality nursing care to the public. This program enables students to take the NCLEX exam in order to become a licensed registered nurse.

The nursing graduate is prepared to practice nursing at any entry level in a variety of settings, including medical/surgical, psychiatric, maternal/child, perioperative, geriatric, critical care, and oncology.

The goal of nursing includes assisting the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities which contribute to attaining an optimum level of wellness. The role of the nurse is to act as manager, educator, and professional provider of care in a rapidly changing health care environment.



Be advised, in order to be accepted into the Nursing Program, applicants must take and pass a Testing of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam (basic Mathematics, English, Reading and Science). Applicants who do not pass (67%) the TEAS will be required to complete remediation and demonstrate readiness prior to starting the program. Remediation and readiness may include, but not be limited to, successful completion of additional coursework, tutoring, or retesting. The remediation may take one year or longer.

Additional TEAS testing information may be obtained at the Assessment Technology Inc. website at:
ATI Testing

These tests are being given to make certain the students entering the Nursing program have an acceptable level of knowledge in the content areas (Math, English, Reading & Science) to successfully complete the program and obtain the licensure. Use of standardized medical program entry testing is becoming more prevalent as a precursory indicator to assist in improving the students' success in their respective field of study.

California Senate Bill 1309 (2006) provides the basis for Nursing Assessment/Readiness testing for Nursing programs.
California Community Colleges, Chancellor's Office


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This site will be updated Quarterly so please check back, if you are enrolled in the program.


In an effort to comply with the recommendations of the Joint commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the majority of the major healthcare facilities and agencies utilized by the College for clinical training require that each student undergo and pass a student background check prior to participating in clinical rotations. Each student, at his/her expense, is responsible for acquiring the student background check report and authorizing the submission of results to the college.

No student will be permitted to participate in a clinical rotation until the results have been received, reviewed, and accepted by the designated program director. Failure to submit to and pass the required student background check will result in the student being terminated from the respective program.

Students accepted into certain programs, will be required to have a physical examination, a chest X-ray and/or PPD, lab tests, required immunizations, and a criminal background check. These are required in order to comply with the program and clinical agencies’ contractual requirements. Also, the following items are commonly required: a current American Heart Association CPR Certificate and liability insurance (certain limits apply). Most Health Sciences programs have a group policy available, or the students may purchase their own policy. All of the above will be completed at the student’s expense. In most cases these items will be completed, with copies submitted, before the first day of the semester. Not submitting the required documentation may preclude the student’s ability to continue in the program.

Details regarding these requirements may be obtained from the respective program.

It is always recommended that students considering a career or transfer for an advanced degree in health careers meet with Diane Wollan, VVC Counselor. Contact the Counseling Department for an appointment. Walk—in appointments are also available during certain times of the semester. They can be reached at (760) 245-4271, Extension 2296.

The Victor Valley College Registered Nursing program is fully accredited by the
State of California
Department of Consumer Affairs
Board of Registered Nursing.

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Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 322-3350

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South El Monte, CA 91733


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