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Bond Sale / Financial Information

     Bond Refunding: April 7, 2016




(San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, California)

                                      $50,840,000                              $38,960,000                                $11,765,000

                          2016 General Obligation      2016 General Obligation         2016 General Obligation

                                Refunding Bonds,                    Refunding Bonds,                      Refunding Bonds,

                                         Series A                                       Series B                                        Series C

                                   (Tax-Exempt)                        (Federally Taxable)                        (Tax-Exempt)

                                                                                                                                              (2019 Crossover)

The link below will take you to a PDF of the

Final Official Statement for this financing.


Once there, you will be able to save the file to your computer if you wish.

Should the document fail to open, copy the address and paste into your browser.

If you have any questions, or need any help viewing or saving this file,

or if you would prefer us to email the 3 MB file directly to you please contact us at:

888-935-2271 or