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Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Meeting Dates: Every 1st Wednesday of the month 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. @ Student Activity Center (SAC), Room B.

Available Documents:

Emergency Preparedness Plan - [ DOWNLOAD PDF HERE ]



Members (2011/12)

  • Fusako Yokotobi (Advocate, Management, VP HR)
  • Rolando Regino (Management)
  • Chris Hylton (Management)
  • Leonard Knight (Management)
  • Deedee Orta (Management)
  • Diane Wollan (Faculty)
  • Dan Rowland (Faculty)
  • Mike Visser (Faculty)
  • Scott Jones (Faculty)
  • Sheila Burnham (Classified)
  • Michele Laveaux (Classified)
  • Manuel Alvarez (ASB)
  • Noreen Jacquez (Classified)
  • Sherri Pierce (Faculty)
  • Jacqueline Cruz Hernandez (ASB)