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VVCC Alpha Phi Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society to Receive "Five Star" Award from National Organization

February 12, 2009 - [ download pdf of this press release ]

photo of the officers of phi theta kappa at Victor Valley College

The atmosphere in the room grew incrementally with each new arrival. Soon, all seven
members of leadership council took a seat and waited patiently for someone to begin the
meeting and get down to business. It was a typical board room atmosphere with one
small exception, these were students and they had come together to tell their story about
an organization in which they all had a passionate belief, the local chapter of Alpha Phi
Gamma of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Victor Valley Community College.

Sitting around the table were seven women, ranging in age from 16 to 45, who had
volunteered their time to revitalize an honor society that in recent times had fallen into
disarray and neglect. They all had an air of excitement because they couldn’t wait to tell
their story of reaching “Five Star” status for their chapter, a feat accomplished only one
time before in the 17-year history of the chapter.

At the head of the table sat Christina Zambrano, President of the ASB and Chapter
President of Alpha Phi Gamma. “I recruited all my friends to help me achieve one of my
principal ASB goals and that was to revitalize our honor society here on campus. I didn’t
give them a choice. They were all told they would become officers and that they would
help remake this organization,” she said.

“We were in line at a movie premiere in Los Angeles when we received a text message
from Christina who said we were now officers on the board of the honor society. We
didn’t have a choice,” said Maggie Langdon and April Langdon, a mother and daughter
team. “When Christina wants something, she usually gets it but it is always in a loving
way,” they added. “As a member of the society, we were able to create a curriculum
guide for the VVCC production of “The King’s New Clothes” that related to this year’s
theme of the national honor society, “The Paradox of Affluence.” This curriculum guide
was used by teachers to fulfill the performing arts standard established by the State of
California for all grade school teachers. We feel we are making a difference,” they both

Another member of the team Stacy Nerkowski commented, “I was recruited with no
explanation and then found out what Phi Theta Kappa stood for and decided that I would
continue to take classes, even though I graduated, just to keep the club going.

The same circumstance existed for her friend Liane Greaver. “This organization helps
make a difference in our community, supports scholarship, teaches leadership, and fosters
fellowship, “Ms. Greaver acknowledged. “I think about all the opportunities we have
been given to go out and help the community such as preparing and delivering food
baskets at Thanksgiving to people who have very little next to nothing,” she said. “We
also organized an event called the “Flamingo Follies” that raised funds for the American
Cancer Society. We would go to a person’s desk with a bunch of paper flamingos and
wouldn’t leave until the target made a contribution to the fund. We also called people
and offered insurance that they wouldn’t be flocked if they make a pledge prior to us
showing up. We raised a lot of money in this campaign,” she added proudly.

In other activities, members of the society traveled to middle school classrooms to talk
future VVCC attendees about the importance of science and the opportunities that are
available in related fields. Members also started a recycling program and community
cleanup project. These are just a few of leadership and life experiences that members of
the society have had an opportunity in which to participate.

Any outsider could tell in an instant that these women were more than just friends, they
were motivated confidantes and they all lived their guiding principals of leadership,
scholarship, fellowship, and service to the campus and the community.

In April, members of the Victor Valley Community College Alpha Phi Gamma chapter of
Phi Theta Kappa will travel to Texas to receive their “Five Star” award that is given to
chapters that fulfilled their mission with distinction.