February 23, 2019
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VVC may owe IRS more than $4 million

campus projects, and they had, Williams said.
     That audit was completed just before the Feb. 11 meeting, Board President Dennis Henderson said recently.
     Williams said the COPS proceeds were used to build the Student Activities Center, the elevator connecting the campus's upper and lower levels, parking lots and modulars.
      The problem arose when "we (the college) didn't use this money quick enough and it earned too much interest. There is a time limit for using the funds (before they start earning taxable interest)," Williams said.

Child psychologist speaks to VVC's Child Development Club

programs are available to those in need? Participants left focusing on what they can do, not what the system should, didn't or won't do for them. "Motivation is what we go to when inspiration is the problem. Use the tools you have," said Morgan.
     The Child Development Club, founded in the fall of 2002, set high goals for itself and the community. The club was inspired by the large number of Child Development majors at VVC, said faculty adviser of the club, Rebecca Britt. Cyndee Lutterman is tutor for the Children's Development Department and is president of the club.
     Future Teachers of America and CDC will be working together as sister clubs and will support each other. Cooking lessons, arts and crafts, and activities with children in the community are a few of the many activities for members look forward to.
     A scholarship fund for students pursuing child development careers will be implemented in Fall 2003. The club has already earned $800. Funding for the

scholarship has come from snacks being sold in the child development classes.
      About 80 percent of what is raised will go into the scholarship fund and 20 percent to class activities. Students who have participated in the club for more than one year will receive a small stipend, from the scholarship fund, for furthering their education.
     Britt is faculty adviser to the club. Britt has taught and worked with children with special needs. She is experienced with sign language and teaches child development classes at VVC. The club meets on the third Friday of every month in the Child Development Center classroom from noon to 2 p.m.
     For those interested in learning more about parent structuring or who feel they need practical emotional support, help is available.
     Dr. Morgan's office is located in Hesperia on Main Street. He can be reached at 244-5757. For additional help with parenting challenges, the following web site:
www.parentproject.com, may be a step in the right direction.

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