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ments, commercial industries, small businesses, chambers of commerce, and most importantly our churches we will attain these goals.
     Together we will explore and overcome any socio-economic stratification. It is the Black Student Union's prayer that collectively African descent students and others will move from survival mode to solution mode and on to revival. The focus directly relates to Student Learning Outcomes for African-American students in the areas of matriculation, retention, persistence, degree and program completion, and transfer, which lead to greater accessibility for historically underrepresented groups in higher education.
     Adviser:  Jeffrey Holmes

Model United Nations

     The Model United Nations Club at Victor Valley College is not only a club but also a class. In this class, Political Science 111, we learn about the United Nations system, who they are, what they do, how they operate. We also become familiar with comparative politics and international relations. It's a great way to learn and understand better how the world relates and works together. We then take these skills and apply them to competition. That's where the club side comes in. The Model United Nations Club competes on a national level. We simulate mock sessions just as you would in the real UN; learn every avenue and aspect of our country's foreign policy, their relations with other countries and different regions around the world. Everything whether it's parliamentary procedure, the process of writing resolutions everything is exactly done as if we were a real delegate representing our particular country.
     The experience on the Model United Nations Club as a delegate has definitely been an interesting one. Being a delegate takes a level of respect, sophistication and patience, I have never been  required to have.
     The research was extensive and required a good amount of commitment, and even when I was tired and overwhelmed I was having fun.
     Even with all the commitment, and research I still

came back because the lessons and knowledge you learn doing the United Nations program outweighs any cons.

leadership development among the club officers and members. 
     We welcome all to be part of our most positive and enjoyable club.  We have been very active in ASB functions, as well.  Our officers have been known to progress to higher officer positions on ASB.  We feel our club is positive and strong.  Look out for our flyers around campus!

Philosophy Club

     The Philosophy Club has been created to provide the students of VVC with an arena for scholastic contemplation. It is the prime goal of the club to facilitate enrichment to all members with knowledge and tolerance of significant ideas about the universe, mankind and existence as a whole. Through readings, activities and debates, the club seeks to assist student pursuits of truth. It is our desire that each individual may use this club as a tool to improve their life and that of those around them.
   President: Robert Valentine
Contact info:

Theatre Company

     The Victor Valley College Theatre Company is a club that brings awareness of the performing arts to students on campus through various fundraising activities and events. The Theatre Company attends theatre productions in Los Angeles such as the "Little Shop of Horrors," in October. The clubs president and adviser are as follows: President Christen Dugger, and adviser
Ed Heaberlin. The Theatre
     Company represents all aspects of theatre. If you are interested in joining the company or have any questions concerning the club, please contact Ed Heaberlin at 245-4271 extension 2638.

Rams Cheerleading

     The Rams Cheer Club is a cheerleading team on campus that promotes school spirit, on and off the field. Rams Cheer Club volunteers with campus events and also hold our own events to raise school spirit. Our team captain is Aleshia Hughes; team Co-Captain is Marina Miller.
     Club is President Onyx Taylor and our adviser is Shuron Taylor.
     If anyone is interested in trying out for the squad, try-outs for the basketball season begin Nov. 1 at 12 p.m. No experience is required, but it is a plus. All we require is your commitment, a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

Ready Rams

     The EOPS Club is now known as the Ready Rams Club.  The club was renamed several years ago in order to avoid comparisons and confusion among students with the department of EOPS at Victor Valley College.
     The purpose of the Ready Rams Club can be characterized by the following goals: 
--To provide academic support for fellow students
--Community Service Projects to assist the less fortunate in our community
--Fun activities that build on