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The facts on the VVC paramedic program

    The program is one year in length; covering two semesters and two intercessions. Overall, the student will take 35.5 units and pay approximately $1,400, including the cost of books. The 35.5 units will cover 1,212 hours of class time.
     With VVC being one of the few colleges offering a part-time program, applicants come all the way from Santa Clarita and Orange County.
     Jones said this happens because many of the program's students are older with families, with the average age of student being 28 years old. A part-time program gives them the opportunity to work full-time in order to support a family and go to school.   

The facts about the VVC nursing program

physiology and microbiology plus 24 units of other courses taken at VVC (biology, English, psychology, sociology).
      No applications are being taken now; applications will be taken March 14-24 for 10 days only.
     As for upcoming events, the job fair will be held on Monday Oct. 25 in the Student Activities Center from 1 to 5 p.m. The blood drive is also being organized for Nov. 5 over by the SAC. This year the San Bernardino County blood bank needs at least 100 donors or they will cease from coming to VVC.
     The CNSA fundraisers, thanksgiving baskets, and trying to organize to go to a convention in Salt Lake City are among the many upcoming events in the agenda.