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Rambassadors seeking to adopt families for fall feast

Switchboard office in a sealed envelope and label it, "Rambassadors--Fall Feast Entry" before 5 p.m. on Nov. 1, 2004.  The essay must include the nominee's contact information as well as the author's.
     Thank you for supporting the VVC Rambassadors and this annual good-will activity.
     To find out more about the Rambassadors, call the Rambassadors' faculty adviser Mike McCracken at campus extension 2677.
     The Rambassadors are a student outreach organization that promotes VVC to the overall community as well as to the students of VVC. The Rambassadors warmly welcome all prospective new members. 

The RamPage wants you
for guest editorials!

     Guest editorials (such as the one directly above) are sought from all parties on campus: administrators, full-time faculty, part-time faculty, staff members and students. They will be lightly edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style and will be printed as space permits.

     Guest editorials should meet the following criteria:
     1. Must pertain to a current Victor Valley College activity or issue
     2. Writers who complain about a problem must provide a proposed solution
     3. Guest editorials should be approximately 400 words long
     4. They must contain the author's full name and a one-sentence biography.
     5. They should be submitted to the RamPage mailbox at the switchboard in the   
         Counseling Building
     6. They should be on both floppy disk and printed out in hardcopy, and in Micro-   
          soft  Word, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12 point, black, left-aligned

     For more information, email the RamPage at