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RamPage Victor Valley College                                                                                                                  Oct.  08, 2004 Page 7

VVC cross country is striving for success

Men's soccer is pulling strong

Women's soccer shows promise

dislocated fingers. Despite his injury, he played well, and the team ended up winning the game 1-0.
     It's dedication like this that holds the team together.
     "The guys are tough. They play with what's thrown at them," Hampton said.
     The men's team has been working hard this season. Most of the guys have pulled their weight and it just gets better.
     "The guys have adjusted to any challenges that have come along they have shown a lot of promise for this season," Hampton said about his team.
     The men's team continues to play more matches throughout this month. Their next game is on Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 4 p.m. at San Bernardino.

win 2-1. Although the Rams went to 4-0 Chaffey College and gave it their all, they didn't come out victorious. They were outplayed 5-1, and VVC didn't score its first goal until late in the second half.
     "I knew it was going to be a rough game from what the coaches told us," said captain Ashley Smith.
     " We knew it was going to be an athletic challenge, and we had to play at the highest level of competition," said coach Mike Bradbury.
      Nevertheless, the team doesn't feel discouraged.
     "The loss to Chaffey will motivate us. All season long we have accepted every challenge with 3 out of our 5 wins come from behind," said Bradbury.   "This is the tightest team I have coached."