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Thank you for your interest in the Access Resource Center. Our program is available to assist Victor Valley College students with disabilities. We are currently located in the student support services building. Hours are Monday through Thursday 830 to 5 PM and Friday 830- 12 noon. You may contact us at 760-245-4271 extension 2212. Our program is available year-round and application packets are available upon request. You may pick one up at our service desk or download the application packet from our website. At this time, we will require you to submit your application, in person, at our service desk. I will discuss more about your application in just a few minutes.

But first, you might be asking what is it that we do? The Access Resource Center will provide services to students who have one or more disabilities affecting them in their educational environment. Every student is different and therefore not everyone will receive the same accommodation services. Counselors in our program will meet with you individually to discuss and authorize your specific services. ACCESS provides a variety of support and academic accommodations to assist you in successfully completing your academic goals. ACCESS has a variety of accommodations for many types of disabilities such as learning, intellectual, mental health, physical, visual, autism spectrum disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and Deaf, just to name a few.

Now you might be wondering, what types of accommodations and services do we offer? Here are just a few examples. Depending on your situation, we might offer: Tape recorder loans, scooter/mobility assistance, adaptive technology, reader services, alternative test-taking, sign language interpreters, alternate media services, specialized counseling and registration assistance. Remember that the services you receive must be considered reasonable and be directly related to your disability limitations, and may be different from services provided to another student.

So if you think the ACCESS Resource Center can assist you, here’s what you need to do. To be a part of our program and receive services, we will need some documentation about your disability. We understand that everyone is uniquely different and therefore documentation of your disability can be handled in several ways. For example, a deaf or hard of hearing student might bring us an audiogram report. Students with physical or medical disabilities will have their doctor fill out a form provided in our application packet. Students who have learning disabilities can provide their most current IEP or psychological evaluation from high school where they were served in special education RSP or SDC programs. Your application packet will list several professional resources you may use to provide the proper information. When your disability documentation is gathered, and you have filled out the application forms, please return the completed packet and schedule an eligibility appointment. At this confidential appointment, your Access Counselor will be able to provide you with much more one-on-one information.

So at this point, some of you might be concerned that you do not have the required documentation to apply, or perhaps you suspect you have a learning disability but have no means of providing us with documentation. In these cases, please ask a staff member about our learning disability assessment and possible alternate eligibility process.

ACCESS Counselors and staff understand how challenging attending college can be for all students. We especially know the challenges students with disabilities can encounter while trying to attend college. If you are a student with a disability considering Victor Valley College, but you are unsure about how you are going to accommodate your situation, please contact us, we’ll do our best to assist you. We want you to be successful on your pathway to your educational goal! Again thank you for your interest in the Access Resource Center. We hope you will come visit us soon!