Masking Requirement

VVC Family,

As we prepare for the start of our fall semester, we are navigating through one of the most challenging times in the history of education. COVID-19 cases are rising again throughout our state and county.

Over the past week, San Bernardino County has averaged almost 800 cases a day, with some days reaching over 1,000 new cases. When compared to only two months ago where the average daily cases were below 50, this increase is alarming and concerning.

In an attempt to take the most proactive and pragmatic approach to the safety of our campus, there are new protocols for the fall semester.

Starting on August 30th, masks will be required for all campus participants when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. No masks are required outdoors, and there is no social distancing required anywhere on campus. Although there is no social distancing required, we encourage all participants to be mindful of your proximity to others, and distance when appropriate.

During instructional activities, a face mask is required at all times by students, faculty, instructional assistants, or any participants in the classroom. The only exception to this rule is that a face shield can be used by instructors and instructional assistants who are fully vaccinated (meaning verified by HR).

For more details regarding these protocol changes, please refer to our Fall Semester Protocols document that can be found on the VVC home page. Also, the updated protocols will be sent out to you all by attachment from HR sometime tomorrow.

Navigating through this pandemic is extremely challenging, and the landscape is changing on a daily basis. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding as we do our best to make sure our campus remains safe for our students, staff, and faculty.