Victor Valley College Posting Guidelines


To keep our campus beautiful, your compliance to the posting guidelines is greatly appreciated.


  • A “flyer” is material with a size of 8½ x 11” or smaller.
  • A “poster” is material larger than the size of 8½ x 11”, but not more than 11” x 17”.
  • Special permission must be granted for any item larger

 Important Information for Students:

Students are required to conform to District and College guidelines and guidelines. When posting materials the following guidelines will be enforced:

  • Obstruction or disruption of instructional, counseling, administrative, public service or other authorized District or College functions or activities is not permitted.
  • Willful failure to comply with directions of District or College officials, including faculty and staff acting in the performance of their duties, is not permitted.
  • Students in violation of the guidelines may receive administrative action including not being permitted to post materials on campus. Non-students in violation of the guidelines will not be permitted to post materials on campus.
  • Use of bulletin boards for posting of announcements that have not been pre-approved, are displayed in non-designated campus locations, and/or are not in accordance with the guidelines are subject for removal.

 Campus Posting Policies:

  • Promotional materials must be approved by the Office of Auxiliary Services prior to being posted.
  • Students may post up to 25 flyers to the day of the event if the promotional material is associated with the college classes and department activities.
  • Postings will be approved for a maximum of two (2) weeks. Extensions may be granted for official VVC business only.
  • Materials are not allowed on vehicles parked on college property.
  • Posting over or removing material will not be allowed.
  • Posting is also prohibited in the following areas:
    • Front and all sides of vending machines
    • Light posts
    • Trees and plants
    • Indoor and outdoor seating and table furniture 
    • Walkway and staircase railings and surfaces
  • Materials may be taped on brick surfaces however must be taped with blue painters tape only
  • Materials may not be posted on painted surfaces, unpainted concrete surfaces, glass surfaces, benches and tables.
  • Please use small tacks or pushpins are allowed on bulletin boards and kiosks.
  • Materials must contain information including name of individual or organization, email, website and phone number.
  • Content NOT permitted: Lewd, indecent, or obscene expression or language on material includes but is not limited to language or graphics designed to shock, incitement to violence, slurs or denigration or any cultural group or individuals, sexually suggestive language or graphics.
  • Victor Valley Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.  Any direct or perceived violation of this policy will result in permission being denied for the posting.



  • Bulletin boards and enclosed display cases outside faculty offices, department offices and college program offices are for the exclusive use of that faculty, departments and programs. No other flyers or posters are permitted. Faculty and staff are encouraged to remove unauthorized materials from those bulletin boards and display cases.


For additional information please contact Auxiliary Services at 760.245.4271, extension 2495.