Aviation Soars to New Heights

 by Jessica Vaughn

(RamPage, Editor-in-Chief)

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Skills USA logo

Last month marks the completion of the regional and state competitions of SkillsUSA that the VVC Aviation department participated in. SkillsUSA is a national non-profit organization created to develop students to become professionals in their field.

About 17 students from VVC's aviation competed, but only a few placed. The event consisted of participants attempting to repair a simulated aircraft. Victor Elizando took the first place gold medal, Leomar Mason took second place, and Luke Brand took third place. In addition, Nicole Edlauer took the first place gold medal in the high school program which runs concurrently with VVC's. The regional competition took place at the Southern California
Logistics Airport in Victorville, and the state competition took place in San Diego. Victor Elizando will be attending the National competition will take place this June in Louisville, Kentucky. This was the first year that Victor Valley College got the opportunity to take part in and they dominated in the event.

Chris Ohshita, Director of the Aviation Department since 2013, has been interested in the field since the Apollo missions in the 60's. He feels that it was a great feat to have done so well at SkillsUSA this year.

"It's like winning the Olympics," he chuckled. "We are the best of the best in the state."

Ohshita would like to thank Administration, the Board of Trustees, Dr. Roger Wagner, and Dr. Peter Maphumulo for allowing the Aviation department to have the opportunity to participate and be successful in the competition.

If you are interested in being a part of Aviation, you can register for the class for the Fall semester.