English as a Second Language (ESL)




Fall 2021
Credit and Non-Credit ESL Classes

Most classes are back to in person.

La mayoría de las clases son en persona.

Email/Direccion electronica: esl@vvc.edu 
Phone/Telefono: 760-245-4271 ext 2687


Fall 2021 AENG Sections



Fall 2021 ESL Sections

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Resources and Services for Students/Undocumented
Student/Families (impacted by COVID-19):

Recursos y servicios para estudiantes, estudiantes indocumentados y familias (impactados/as por el COVID-19):


Steps to Enrollment for ESL students // 
Pasos Para la Inscripción Para Estudiantes de ESL


Important Notice: Limited ESL non-credit (at no cost) and credit (fee) will begin late-August 2021 and late-September 2021. View the "Steps to Enrollment" to begin the enrollment matriculation process to the college. Begin the steps today! For course listings, visit WebAdvisor. To determine if you are eligible for our summer non-credit classes, you must submit a VVC application and complete an ESL assessment that will provide your skills level in English.

Aviso Importante: Clases limitadas de ESL sin credito (sin cuota) y credito (cuota) empesaran los ultimos de agosto 2021 y ultimos de septiembre 2021. Vea "Pasos Para la Inscripción" para empesar los pasos para matricularse al colegio. Empiese los pasos hoy! Para la lista de clases, visite WebAdvisor. Para determinar si califica para las clases de verano de non-credit, tiene que completar y enviar una solicitud de admisión a VVC y completar una asesoria que le dirá su nivel de sus conocimientos del idioma Inglés.

Welcome to the home page for the ESL Department at Victor Valley College!

English as a Second Language (ESL) is the study of English designed for non-native speakers of English. As the High Desert has become very diverse both culturally and linguistically, the need for language and cultural orientation has grown.  Although not recognized as a separate major, ESL is a necessary component for success in any field for the non-native student.  Non-native speakers of English need to develop academic language skills necessary to accomplish their educational goals.  The ESL Department at VVC seeks to help these students develop these skills.

To this end, the ESL program offers several components:

  1. A full range of courses at seven levels of proficiency, from beginning to advanced.  The first two levels are offered non-credit; others are offered for college credit.  Almost all courses include a technology component.  For course descriptions, choose “Courses” from our menu on the left.
  2. Thanks to a Title V-HSI grant, an open lab is available to students who need practice with language skills.  The lab houses a variety of resources, including dictionaries, textbooks, and computerized programs designed to help students at all levels improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  3. Through Title V-HSI funding, ESL students can join structured support groups which meet outside of designated class time.  The purpose of these groups is to help participants improve their language skills, gain self-confidence, and meet everyday needs that arise as they adjust to an academic environment.
  4. A full complement of matriculation services is available to students.  Services include diagnostic assessment, orientation, counseling, information on financial aid, and support services for disabled students.

Before registering for courses, new students must complete an Admissions Application online at www.vvc.edu or submit an application (Spanish) by mailing it to Admissions and Records (Building 23) You will be required to take an ESL assessment to determine your ESL level. Contact lorena.ochoa@vvc.edu once you have received your VVC ID# and are ready to take your assessment.



For more information, please contact:
Rebecca Monjaraz - (760) 245-4271 ext. 2489, rebecca.monjaraz@vvc.edu 
Lorena Ochoa - lorena.ochoa@vvc.edu 


Para información en español, llame:
Rebecca Monjaraz - (760) 245-4271 ext. 2489, rebecca.monjaraz@vvc.edu 
Lorena Ochoa - lorena.ochoa@vvc.edu