Lower Independent Age


Lower Independent Age

What's This About?

On March 20th 2012, Victor Valley College's 2012-2013 Associated Student Body Council spoke to state representatives on the issue of Lowering the Independent Age... they also advocated nationally at the ASACC Conference in the days prior to that date. 


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More Info. about Lowering Independent Age...

The petition will be delivered to: 

  • The California State House
  • The California State Senate
  • CA Governor Jerry Brown
  • The United States House of Representatives
  • The United States Senate, and
  • President Barack Obama
Agree to lower the independent age of students from 24 to 21 and break down barriers to access to higher education.

The current age to have automatic independent status to receive financial aid is 24. We would like to lower that age to 21 to accommodate more students who are currently unable to qualify for financial aid because they have to file as a dependent. Students should not be denied access to education based on their parents income when they can determine their independence prior to age 24.

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